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How to sign in to your ByTheSeat Account

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Last Update 2 år siden

First, go to this URL address: https://my.bytheseat.com/ 

Now, select how to log in to your account: Email Address or Mobile Phone.

According to the login method you've selected, specify your email address or mobile phone number to continue. 

Click the Verify Login button

A 6-digits code will be sent to your email address inbox or your mobile device (via text message).

In the next step, you will be asked to enter the 6-digits code, to verify your account login.

Entering the 6-digits code and clicking the Verify Code button will complete the login process.

You will now be directed to your account Overview page.

(*) If you do not get the 6-digits code to your email inbox or mobile device, click the Sent It Again link, and we'll send you a new code immediately. 

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