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In this step of the Booking Process, you can select your seats. 

* To skip this step, you can click the Skip button, and your seat will automatically be selected (as the next available seat) on the flight.


The center image displays the seating map for the aircraft. Hover your mouse (or click) the "Show Map" button to see the seats' codes.

Taken seats will be marked with X to show they are unavailable. 

Available seats will be displayed in gray color. 

Clicking any available seat will mark it as selected, for your booking request. As you select your seats, the subtotal price will be updated.


You can click the images or the View More button to see beautiful and large images of the actual aircraft for the specific flight.


Next to the seating map, you can see the price per seat, the number of selected seats, and the subtotal for your trip.

Direct Air Carrier

Also known as Flight Operator, is displayed at the top (above the seating map) and below the images.

Above the seating map, you can also see the aircraft type for this specific flight.

Click the Next button to proceed to the next step (entering travelers' details)

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